I usually say that my professional background started as a child growing close to the drawing board of my father, Romeu Borba, an advertising draftsman. He passed away in 2002.
I learned from him the first lessons in drawing and typography, watching him draw letters so methodically and accurately. His letterings became later shop signs, made of wood, acrylic, steel, copper or brass.

Meu pai, Romeu Borba, desenhando embalagens para a Neugebauer, por volta de 1950.

My father Romeu Borba in 1950’s



My career has always characterized by the diversity of areas where I could produce drawings. I started working as an image-maker painting surf arts from the late 70’s to early 80’s.
At the very beginning, I painted tees with a spray gun and stencils and later with an airbrush. After some time selling T-shirts painted with my airbrush illustrations for surf shops, I started to work with graphic arts in the production of promotional materials: brochures, posters, displays, shop windows.

After that I started to work with art production for the packaging industry and soon afterward, in my own studio, I began to create logos, visual identities, and several prints.

From the 90’s, I graduated as a visual artist from the Federal University – Institute of Arts and started to use the computer as my main tool in graphic design. Then, in the years that followed, I worked some time as a web designer and next with computer graphics, modeling three-dimensional ambients and humanoids and also I produced illustrations and animation videos in scientific research projects for universities from Brazil and Belgium.

Since 2012, I joined the fashion field and put my expertise in textile print design and a little later in 2015 I finished my postgraduate course in Surface Design.

I have to say that in all my work experiences, drawing has always been the fundamental basis. Drawing is at the core of my entire production and so today I have a specific work within the field of art in which my production investigates the drawing process.

On the other hand, I have been taken all my years of design work to PATZEN, my brand for fashion and decor products.